What is Demolition

What is Demolition 2018-08-06T04:08:33+00:00

Demolition is the complete or partial demolition of a building or structure by pre-planned and controlled methods and procedures. (Australian Standard AS2601: 2001)

A structure, for the purpose of Part 5.1 of the OHS Regulations, includes (amongst other things) any bridge, wall, road, tunnel, electrical facility or ship. OHS Regulations r5, r323. (WorkSafe Victoria, Compliance Code Demolition, May 2018)

Demolishers completely or partly dismantle buildings and other structures using pre-planned and controlled methods. Their work often combines the structural demolition of load bearing elements with the stripping of internal fixtures and fittings, services and non‐load bearing elements  (Victorian Building Authority)

Demolition work must consider risks to both people and property:

  • Demolition work can expose workers and the public to significant risks that may cause injury or death. These risks exist whether the work is undertaken at ground level or at heights. If the work is conducted above ground level, then fall protection equipment is required. (Victorian Building Authority)
  • Demolishers must consider not only the condition of the structure to be demolished, but also the structure’s proximity to adjacent buildings and other assets that the demolition work may adversely affect, and the condition of those adjacent structures and assets. (Victorian Building Authority)